Biography Information
Name: Karla  Koschkee-Baker
Occupation: Legal Secretary/Paralegal
Marital Status: Divorced
Spouse: (X-Spouse) Jack
Spouse Occupation: (X-Spouse's) Millwright
Children: Shandell
Grand Children: Genevieve, Kathryn, Robert (Genna, Katie, Robbie)
Additional Information: I currently live in Alexandria, LA.

Pets: Shiz Tzus - Mick and Angel

Personal Interests: Reading, researching my genealogy, gardening, traveling and loving my family and pets.

Additional Information: How to sum up the last 42 years? My family has lived in many parts of the US, and we have enjoyed each and every area. Before Shandell entered high school, we had lived in 26 different places. My employment ran the gamut from an executive secretary for Kelly Girl to branch manager for Allied Van Lines, general manager for three National Car Rental locations, secretarial positions at various fossil-fuel and nuclear power plants; and I ultimately settled into the legal field. At this point, I am realigning my goals and exploring where I want to be in ten years; and I fully intend to live well, laugh often and love much.
Updated: 3/8/2008





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